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Why you should recycle cars


There is a lot of thought, science, design and planning that goes into developing a car. The different types of metal found in cars determine the design, durability and even speed sometimes. If the car is made from exotic metals, it will be perceived as having high-quality and aesthetic value. It will also be rather expensive to build and buy. Exotic metals have their own strengths and so, to meet the best of both worlds, cars are manufactured with a mix of metals.

Before you simply scrap your car or offer it up as part of the Cash,  you’ll want to know what metals are found in your car or even inside any average one. This way, you will know which parts to pull apart for scrap and which to recycle. Here are the types of metal found in cars, their benefits and what you can do with them when faced with an older car with a questionable value.  



Strong Steel Body

Almost all cars are made with predominantly steel in them. You will find steel in the doors, hoods, trunk and the car’s frame. Steel is a strong metal that is also versatile and easy to work with. Furthermore, it is also widely available. Not only is the body made from steel but this metal is also used to design and create parts of the roof, wheels, brakes and even the engine. It is affordable and often the type and grade of steel used for manufacturing cars depends on the design goals of the manufacturer.

Light Aluminum Construction

Second to steel, aluminum is used frequently in manufacturing cars as well. Aluminum is lighter than steel and is a stronger metal. However, many manufacturers shy away from using because it is an expensive metal to work with. Generally, the engine is made of aluminum because this metal can withstand high temperatures. You may also find this metal in the rims, doors, and the hoods of some cars.

Copper Wiring

As you may have guessed, you will find metal copper in the electronics and wiring of your car. These electronic wires run throughout the car connecting different systems to each other such as the safety, radio, charging points and others. There is copper also found in starters.

Lead for Balance

Lead is a heavy metal that is often found in the wheel weights of automobiles. The weight helps to balance the car. The rims on the wheels are made of aluminum and lead. Aluminum is a great metal to scrap for cash  but remember to strip the lead off the rims. Your car battery is also frequently made of lead so remember to remove it before scrapping your car.

Exotic Metal Platinum

Platinum may be rather more expensive than gold but you will find it in most cars. This metal is found in your catalytic converter as it helps restrict pollution release from the engine. Now, this metal is profoundly embedded within your converter so if you try to pull it apart yourself, you may not get it right. If you want to make more money at the scrap yard, then it only makes sense if you took the whole converter out for recycling.  

If you have a gas guzzler or an old junk car in your garage, then it’s time to get some use out of it. You’ve kept it with you forever and now it is time for you to decide. Don’t throw in the trash or dump it in a junk yard! Remember to separate the parts before you bring it to the scrap yard. If you are not sure of how to do it or may not have the right tools to take them apart from your old car, we recommend that you contact one of scrap yards near you. 

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