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Washing machines as scrap


Who can do without a washing machine these days? It’s only when it breaks down or gets too old for repair that you realize what a great comfort it is to have one working for you. When your washing machine certainly takes that last breath, it’s time you rethink your strategy. What are you going to do with it? Getting rid of it is one thing, but trading parts of it for cash or repurposing other parts for decor is a whole different game. In case you were wondering which direction you want to take your old washing machine to.

Washing machine drums

The washing machine drum is made of stainless steel, and so, it can withstand high temperatures.   Washing machine drums are relatively large, salvage this stainless piece of your old washing machine in no time.   


Can be salvaged


Can be salvaged

Metal case – nuts, bolts & screws

All can be salvaged

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