Our Services


Valencia Metals (Pty) Ltd have the ability to handle significant “off-site” projects. We work together with a company that has large scale vehicle fleets across Southern Africa and are fully equipped to handle the largest and most complex scrap metal processing and removal operations.




Fully electronic data capturing system

We have a fully electronic data capturing system linked to our weighbridge & Platform scales that includes a digital photo record of all transactions with both weighbridge and scales being calibrated on a regular basis.

Our logistics - transport

We consist of the required know-how and experience to recover valuable metals from all industries where these metals are seen as waste material and enhance their environmental awareness. Acquired scrap metal and recycling materials are processed by sorting into various product types and grades and then sold off in bulk to our customers that we supply. We aim to distribute all our material being sold to the local markets being foundries and mills to not just support local economy but playing our part in social responsibility to ensure job creation. With yards and depots situated throughout Pretoria, we are able to easily and cost-effectively handle large tonnages anywhere in and around these regions.

The Group that Valencia Metals (Pty) Ltd works in co-operation with operates a fleet of over 150 vehicles and 100 trailers nationally together with our own. The fleet includes a broad range of vehicles equipped for any challenge out there. Where applicable, containers are placed at the works of suppliers to be filled with recyclable materials.

All the vehicles are closely monitored by satellite tracking and drivers are instructed and controlled via two-way radio communication. Tracking information is available to our suppliers on request. In addition, all loads carried, even if not yet paid for, are insured in full at the groups’ risk.

The fleet are comprehensively insured.

All vehicles are fitted with C Track for real time tracking and monitoring 24 hours a day.